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Michael Jackson Séance

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

I have come across the following press release relating to a séance that is being held by Sky TV in order to connect with the spirit of Michael Jackson and relay information to his fans:

“Sky1 has commissioned a two-part special on the late Michael Jackson, featuring psychic medium Derek Acorah as he attempts to make contact with the recently passed King of Pop.

Presented by June Sarpong, the hour-long specials Michael Jackson: The Live Séance and Michael Jackson: The Search for His Spirit are set for broadcast in November. Michael Jackson: The Search for His Spirit delves into both Jackson’s psyche and inspirations, previewing some of the tactics and triggers that will feature in the séance. Sarpong will be joined by psychic Bobby Marchesso and close friends of Jackson, including Ian Halperin, author of the Michael Jackson biography Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson, Thriller video co-star Ola Ray and spiritual healer Reverend June Gatlin. In Michael Jackson: The Live Séance, Acorah will attempt to contact the music legend from a secret location familiar to, and previously inhabited by, Jackson.

“Stuart Murphy, the director of programs at Sky1 HD, Sky1, Sky2 and Sky 3, commented: “There is an insatiable appetite to find out more about Michael Jackson. He was an extraordinary figure and the curiosity surrounding his life—and his death—stretches well beyond fans of his music. These programs will explore whether it is possible to make contact with Michael and will seek to give his fans new insight into their idol.”

Sarpong said: “I’ve always been a huge Michael Jackson fan, he truly was the King of Pop, and I was shocked and saddened by his sudden death. I think viewers will find this programme intriguing and will want to tune in to see what happens. It’s the first time I’ve done anything like this but I’m open minded and can’t wait to see what Derek uncovers.”

Article By Kristin Brzoznowski – ends

As someone who helps people connect with the spirit of bereaved loved ones on a daily basis this seems a curious event to hold in the current format.

Yes a psychic medium can connect with anyone who has passed to the spirit world, but when I connect with a spirit I sometimes use a photo of the person in order to connect to their energy and I also do it in the presence of some0ne who was close to them so there is also a natural connection there.

Whilst the Sky TV programme does intend to host the seance in a former house of Michael Jackson they do not appear to have anyone involved who was close family member or friend of Michael. This is vital when connecting with such a high profile figure because you need to access information that is not out in the public  domain and there needs to someone there who can verify the specific information that comes through so close family or friends who know the person need to be involved, otherwise people will just think you obtained all your information from a simple Google search.

Michael Jackson has passed to spirit world like anyone else who has died, but the thing to be mindful of is why would he connect with Derek in order to send messages to a group of strangers? If your grandmother passed to the spirit world why would she come back and give information through a medium to someone who doesn’t know her, because the information simply wouldn’t make sense to them, this is the reason for close family or friends input to the process. So, if Michael does connect through a psychic medium it will be in the presence of family member or friend so that he can pass message to them.

The same applies in the case of Michael Jackson: if there is no close family member or friend there who can verify information that is not out in the public domain then this will all be in vein. To me Michael was a very intelligent individual who was not easily understand, a complex loving individual who had his own childhood issues that left him with a long term feel of insecurity. I would think at this stage the family would want to get on with things and would not appreciate people looking to get more personal information. Although I understand the huge following and love for Michael all over the world the people still grieving his death are not only his family but his fans too.

I have recently connected with a well known Irish personality (for confidentiality reasons I cannot disclose who), this connection was made with a close friend of their’s and they could verify the details of the information that has never been in the public arena, so without this the  séance won’t work.

I wish Derek all the best with the séance.