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Giving up cigarettes……donate the cost of 1 packet to the Childrens’ Hospital Crumlin

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Is your new years resolution to give up the cigarettes? Why not double the effect of giving up by donating the price of one packet of cigarettes to the Childrens’ Hospital Crumlin. Visit the Childrens Hospital page to donate. They care for Ireland’s most gravely ill children. Many have medical conditions no child should have to face. On the wards you’ll meet children with genetic disorders, heart problems, diabetes, severe bowel and intestinal problems, severe injury. The list goes on. They come from all corners of Ireland by road, rail and bus. Their air ambulance service brings children to the hospital who are gravely sick, or who need to travel for urgent organ transplant to the UK.

But the hospital is under severe financial pressure. Please make an inspiring donation to ensure they can provide the most appropriate equipment, the newest and best treatments, the right facilities. Help them heal, sooth, cure and send Ireland’s most ill children back to their families where they belong.

Imagine knowing that your wonderful gift helped them do that? What a feeling of pride and achievement in these dark times! Thank You

Click here to donate