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Gerry Ryan – The Nation looses one of its best broadcasters

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

I would like to send healing to Gerry Ryan’s family and friends and hope he has crossed over to the spirit world safely. I must say when I did the radio interview fews weeks ago with him he talked differently about spirit than he normally did, he accepted it more. You can hear a copy of the interview by clicking here

From the tributes that I have heard of him over the past 24 hours he seems to have been a very spiritual man with an understanding and acceptance of the other side and inerest in the spirit world.

He has been part of many households daily routines with a lot of stay at home mums listening in daily as the go about their day, he has helped thousand of people with problems and listened and councelled thousands more.  He will be dearly missed in this physical world.

Is there anybody there?

Friday, March 26th, 2010

I got a call from reporter Kevin Jenkinson from the Irish Daily Star to go and investigate some paranormal activity in a house in Finglas.  The owners of the house had contacted The Gerry Ryan Show to tell him about the activity they were having in their house.  I arrived at the house in Finglas and met with Mark Guerin and the PIGS (Paranormal Investigation Guys).  On entering the house there was a really heavy energy feel.  I met with the owners Helen and Emmett and their family and they told us about some of what they experienced.

The paranormal team set up some of their equipment to read temperature and record sound.  While sitting in the sitting room the temperature on the reader dropped from 32c to 21c in about 15 minutes.  I then went upstairs with the reporter, a photographer and a member of the investigation team.  In all 3 of the rooms upstairs I sensed spirit presence.  In the third room upstairs I sensed earthbound spirit energy, a very heavy energy with an aggressive demeanour.  I gave information on all 3 contacts and the reporter took detailed notes on each of the spirit contacts

When I was finished I went back down stairs and the investigation team went and did what they had to do taking readings with their equipment.  I then went into the kitchen after Mark (PIGS) said he could feel a presence in the kitchen.  In the kitchen I was drawn to a particular corner.  I was accompanied by a few of the investigation team, Kevin from the Star newspaper, Helen and her husband Emmett.  I started giving detailed information to them which they were able to verify, it was a relative of Emmett’s.  His relative came through with detailed information, dates names personality conditions of passing traits etc, all which the family was able to verify.

When I finished communicating with the spirit loved one I went back upstairs to the cold box room with the reporter, Helen and her son and I proceed to do what we call “Spirit Rescue”, which helps someone who has passed cross over to the spirit world.  I use what is called Scene rescue which brings the spirit back to a place where it is calm quiet and relaxed and then the light will come and loved ones will come from the light to help them cross over.  As soon as the light closed when the spirit went through the reporter and Helen could feel the room getting warmer and lighter in energy.

The experience is documented in the article in the Irish Daily Star, 26th March.  A follow up was also done on the Gerry Ryan show when I went on and gave Gerry an update on what had happened and Helen was also on hand too to talk about the experience.

Earth bound spirits in my opinion will not harm you, banging and noises only comes from the frustration of the spirit because no one is communicating with it.  Sometimes a spirit may stay earthbound if it feels it needs to do something or be around family for a while, like in the film ghost for example.  Earth bound spirits is depicted well in the TV show Ghost Whispers, who had James van Praagh as one of the consultants for the show.  The film the Others with Nicole Kidman is another example of people who have crossed over believing they are still alive.