Mediumship development Workshop 1

Everyone has the ability to connect and communicate with spirit.  During the workshop I will teach you how you use this ability and understand when you are receiving communication and how to channel the communications you are getting.  We will do various development exercises, meditation and even watch spirit on an infra red camera.  An informative, relaxed, 2 day workshop that will open your eyes to the world of spirit and start you on your journey of connecting and working with spirit.

The course is open to all levels, email for more information and to book.  All participants will get a manual and also a copy of my meditation CD Going Home – The Reunion.

Mediumship development Workshop 2

Everyone has the ability to connect and communicate with spirit. During the workshop I will teach you how you use this ability and building from what you have learned from the first workshop we will have an informative relaxed 2 day workshop that will enhance your connection and work with spirit.  Participants must have completed Workshop 1 or worked with spirit before.  This workshop is designed to get you to push your boundaries in your mediumship work and spirit communications.

Here is what people are saying about the workshops:

“Extremely informative and great attention to detail. Tom gave individual attention through out the course. I hope there is a follow up I will be at the next one for sure”

“It has been a wonderful journey i love it and tom his very patient and i felt so secure. he also gave good advice on where to go to become a medium school etc… cannot stop thinking of the course. great job love you tom”

“I came away very uplifted and met some lovely like minded people. Well done and Congrats. on your first workshop”

“As a beginner I found the course extremely helpful. I am now aware and have an understanding of spiritual energy which I didnt have before. Tom was a great teacher, very encouraging and helpful when I doubted myself. I will definitly part take in another course with him.”

“The workshop with Tom was a great weekend relaxing yet worked hard, Tom,s way of working is very gentle yet to the point and giving people the opportunity to feel spirit especially if they not done that before is unique. Will definitely be at more workshops with Tom.”

“Firstly I am no writer nor Journalist but I will give this review a go!
I have just completed Tom Colton’s Mediumship Development Workshop!
Wow! It was amazing! Highly Recommended for anyone interested in the field of Mediumship!

The location of the workshop was in the acutal ‘Sanctuary’ of the ‘Spiritualist Union of Ireland’ in Kilcarbery Business Park just a few minutes up the N7. Yes its just a room in an industrial estate but What a Room! It is painted with a beautiful mural on 3 sides and is extremely inviting.

No review can do the course justice so briefly about my experience:

Did I see Spirits? Yes, in the form of Orbs on an IR Camera, Of course some will say it was just dust or flies but I have seen many dust/fly orbs and these looked nothing like what I have seen before…

Did I feel Spirit? YES! We relaxed and had a little meditation and Tom asked our passed-on loved ones to come and be with us, at this point I felt a gentle constant breeze on my hands, naturally I taught it was just a draft on me… Tom then asked around the room to see if anyone recognised who was with them. Some people could actually recognise who was with them, I couldnt, but Tom said it was an elderly man behind me, I was still thinking that there was nobody there UNTIL he asked our loved ones to give us a hug or a hand shake, Straight away the breeze left my left hand was concintrated on my right hand as if I was getting a hand shake! Tom then asked our loved ones to leave us and at that point I straight away felt much warmer and the breeze was gone completly! That was my first WOW moment!

We were then briefed on what we were going to doing next, we paired up and gave readings on other peoples loved ones who passed on through photographs, I acutally got some information correct!! The strangest part for me on giving a reading is finding out how the person passed on, you actually feel the sensation on/in your own body! I couldnt believe I got some of it correct!

Those were my top two Wow moments! We also covered MANY other topics and had MANY more exercises such as Sprit Rescue which was amazing to witness especially when it was some in the class who did the rescuing!

Naturally there was a lot of emotion during the course and it was to be expected, I could give more stories but I strongly believe in ‘what happens on a course, stays on the course’

Everything was controlled in a safe and loving enviroment with the help of Tom and of course his and our spirit guides and loved ones!

I would highly encourage everyone to take one of Tom’s courses, before Tom gets really famous and the waiting lists start to get longer which I have no doubt they will as Tom’s talents as a Medium and a teacher are second to none!!”

– Tom is a very natural teacher who imparted knowledge of the spirit world with professionalism, integrity, compassion combined with a good sense of humour. The weekend workshop was very enjoyable and defintely was time well spent thanks to Tom and Spirit! Will definitely work with Tom again. I would highly recommend those who are interested in Spirit to go on one of Tom’s courses