“Evening of Mediumship”

“So many people got so much information, it was priceless for them.  He was so determined to get the information and give it as accurately as he could.  The smiles and tears were a joy to see, everyone got something from it.  Truely great show and great performance, well done” – Karen… Dublin

“I had gone to the show not knowing what to expect, it started slowly but Tom got into it and things went from there.  He said some amazing things and got lots of information, it was really accurate.  Myself and my sister got information about family members who had passed and couldn’t give Tom any clarification as we where unsure about the details, but we got the information from family members and it was accurate.  It was very well done and really enjoyable, I can definetly recommend him” – Linda… Coolock

“My missus came back from the show and told me about what was said and the things he told her, I’m a bit of a sceptic, but that stuff can’t be gussed and she was just so hyper telling me all the stuff.  It opened up something for her, made her smile, cry and remember things she’d forgotten.  It just made her happy.  If that’s all it does keep doing it” Noel… Dublin

What a fanastic event, Tom is an excellent medium I really enjoyed the show and hope to see more evenings being held.   – Catherine

A great evening. I think everyone was very pleased especially those who had connected with their loved ones. Many thanks to Tom.  – Myrrh

Very entertaining even though I didn’t get a reading I didn’t go with the intention of getting one anyway, just to observe Tom at work. I was very impressed with both Tom and his guest psychic. He also included something I’ve not seen before, allowing those being read to feel the energy of their loved one who is in spirit. Well worth both the time and money. My guests where very impressed too and had a great evenings entertainment. – Dave


“I walked into Tom’s space to what felt like a gentle loving heart.  Immediately I felt at peace surrounded by love.  Tom gently began the healing, I felt myself begin to leave my body, it felt like a magnet pulling me.  I was in a space of nothingness of everything and found it very hard to go back into my body.  Then a huge sob wracked my body and all the while Tom’s gentle voice told me to let go.  Something huge had shifted, I did not need to know.  All I knew was Tom walked beside me.  I now have no fear of dying and all there is is love.  Thank you Tom” – Celine… Dublin

Spritual Development Classes

“The spiritual development class has taught me so many things and has introduced me to so many wonderful people. I have been attending for 18 months now and in that time I have learned to do so much in various differnt aspects of spiritual communication, meditation, and my own spiritual development.
When i first started attending I was planning just to observe. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect and what, if anything, I could learn. In the short but wonderful time I’ve been going, my mind has been opened far beyond any expectations I had, I’ve learned and progressed and opened up to a wonderful way of expression and communication to the world of spiritualism.  The class contains meditation, channelling, physcic art, energy work and much more. The teacher is Tom and he has a fantastic way of helping you achieve what you’re capable of, be it just relaxing and de-stressing with meditation or helping you understand and develop your link with spirit. It’s non-judgemental and provideds a person with a great sense of enjoyment. Everyone can enjoy it and exprience it, from people just beginning, to people who are curious about the various differnet aspects of spirituality and people who would like to develop their abilities further. It’s a truely uplifting and wonderful class. For all the friends I’ve made, and those I hope to make, and to Tom for his patience and support, I would like to say thank you
LOVE and LIGHT ………. Rob”  – Robert…Dublin


Firstly I am no writer nor Journalist but I will give this review a go!
I have just completed Tom Colton’s Mediumship Development Workshop!
Wow! It was amazing! Highly Recommended for anyone interested in the field of Mediumship!

The location of the workshop was in the acutal ‘Sanctuary’ of the ‘Spiritualist Union of Ireland’  http://www.spiritualistunion.com/ in Kilcarbery Business Park just a few minutes up the N7. Yes its just a room in an industrial estate but What a Room! It is painted with a beautiful mural on 3 sides and is extremely inviting.

No review can do the course justice so briefly about my experience:

Did I see Spirits? Yes, in the form of Orbs on an IR Camera, Of course some will say it was just dust or flies but I have seen many dust/fly orbs and these looked nothing like what I have seen before…

Did I feel Spirit? YES! We relaxed and had a little meditation and Tom asked our passed-on loved ones to come and be with us, at this point I felt a gentle constant breeze on my hands, naturally I taught it was just a draft on me…  Tom then asked around the room to see if anyone recognised who was with them. Some people could actually recognise who was with them, I couldnt, but Tom said it was an elderly man behind me, I was still thinking that there was nobody there UNTIL he asked our loved ones to give us a hug or a hand shake, Straight away the breeze left my left hand was concintrated on my right hand as if I was getting a hand shake! Tom then asked our loved ones to leave us and at that point I straight away felt much warmer and the breeze was gone completly! That was my first WOW moment!

We were then briefed on what we were going to doing next, we paired up and gave readings on other peoples loved ones who passed on through photographs, I acutally got some information correct!! The strangest part for me on giving a reading is finding out how the person passed on, you actually feel the sensation on/in your own body! I couldnt believe I got some of it correct!

Those were my top two Wow moments! We also covered MANY other topics and had MANY more exercises such as Sprit Rescue which was amazing to witness especially when it was some in the class who did the rescuing!

Naturally there was a lot of emotion during the course and it was to be expected, I could give more stories but I strongly believe in ‘what happens on a course, stays on the course’

Everything was controlled in a safe and loving enviroment with the help of Tom and of course his and our spirit guides and loved ones!

I would highly encourage everyone to take one of Tom’s courses, before Tom gets really famous and the waiting lists start to get longer which I have no doubt they will as Tom’s talents as a Medium and a teacher are second to none!!

More details of Tom Coltons courses or readings amongst other things can be found at http://tomcolton.com/


Extremely informative and great attention to detail. Tom gave individual attention through out the course. I hope there is a follow up I will be at the next one for sure.

It has been a wonderful journey i love it and tom his very patient and i felt so secure. he also gave good advice on where to go to become a medium school etc… cannot stop thinking of the course. great job love you tom

I came away very uplifted and met some lovely like minded people. Well done and Congrats. on your first workshop

As a beginner I found the course extremely helpful. I am now aware and have an understanding of spiritual energy which I didnt have before. Tom was a great teacher, very encouraging and helpful when I doubted myself. I will definitly part take in another course with him.

The workshop with Tom was a great weekend relaxing yet worked hard, Tom,s way of working is very gentle yet to the point and giving people the opportunity to feel spirit especially if they not done that before is unique. Will definitely be at more workshops with Tom.

One to One readings

In my life, like a lot of people, I frequented fortune tellers where I kept an open mind each time whilst having a reading done. As far as medium’s are concerned, I had never been to one and really had no clue what to expect or what their capabilities were.  That was up until when I made a booking to have a reading with Tom Colton (one to one). On the day my reading was scheduled  I found myself becoming extremely nervous and anxious, part of me was contemplating cancelling my appointment as fear set in as to what I might hear.  My father passed away suddenly in 2006 and alot of questions went unanswered between Dad and I, hence the reason I wanted to meet with a medium so much, as since then lots of people had suggested that I do so. I had no expectations whatsoever before meeting with Tom. Deep down I secretly hoped Tom would recognise my father as being deceased but not to the extreme of what followed.  I truly was shocked and numb for the things Tom came out with during my reading.  Thing’s that only five people in this world could know – that being my immediate family. My appointment with Tom was for 9pm my Father had come to Tom that same evening at 8pm providing Tom with his name, ( I still can’t believe that). How Tom described my father coming into the reading and during the reading was 100% spot on the person that he was, I never thought for one minute Tom would ask me “Do you want to ask your father anything”, I went on to ask a couple of questions and truly felt such a calmness when doing so,  This for me I think was the most frightening (but amazing) feeling I ever experienced. I was afraid being so nervous I would leave my reading and forget a lot of what was said to me, but a week on and I find myself recapping on all Tom spoke about. I tend to smile alot when thinking about it.  To sum my reading up I feel so reassured to know now there is life after death, as this is something I did not believe at all up until last week. Thanks very much Tom and Dad I guess  🙂 – Sharon Dublin

It was the most magical experience I have ever witnessed. The information Tom fed back to us could only have been known by me and my sisters. It just continued to flow out and I felt my head begin to spin.  Every knot I had in my stomach was gone by the time we left. I now am 110% sure after meeting and talking with Tom, that spirits most definitely do live on. Simply fascinating, thanks again Tom.  – Laura, Westmeath

Thank you so much for my reading the other night, it confirmed what I already knew and I learned something new. I have always known that my brother was around but did not have any proof. Thanks to you he was able to tell me things he could only know if he was with me at different stages. I now know how to share my energy with him and experience a closeness with him that I thought I had lost forever and I can also do this with other loved ones that have passed over. For me this has given me a chance to get some questions answered and it will be closure to some things that have been left in limbo. I can never thank you enough for the experience. – Linda, Dublin

When I went for a reading with Tom, my mother had passed away some months previously.  I did not expect to get any messages from her, but Tom brought her through so clearly (with information that there is no possible way he could have known) that there was absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever that it was her.  Tom’s warmth and humour brought mum’s messages through to me with such love and clarity that I was completely overwhelmed.  I had so longed for reassurance that she was OK and to get such positive and direct messages from her was just amazing. I left my reading feeling a sense of total peace.  She was at peace and happy with her loved ones on the other side. I left Tom’s feeling that I had had a healing experience. An incredible reading and one that I can never thank Tom enough for. – Justine

My wife decided to book a reading after she had an experience at Christmas. She felt that my father visited our house. She was very convinced and insisted that he was here because something was happening and that we would find out soon. I laughed at her at the time because to be honest I just thought she was imagining things.

The next day my uncle died suddenly at 54. I was a bit freaked by that because she was so insistent, but life carried on and I let it go. When she initially came to see you with her dad I laughed even more when she returned a bit disappointed because the reading wasnt working out and you had asked her to come another night. That night we were both a bit taken aback when she woke at the exact time you told her she would. She also commented on a number of other things that you had said that were very validating for her, including the fact tht she had experienced a visitation and that it wasnt all in her head. That was all she had wanted to know.

I ended up at her secound appointment by accident and if Im honest I was more than a bit sceptical. I expected that you would have to fish for information or that you would say 6 or 7 things and get 1 or 2 right. I was looking forward to teasing my wife afterwards. She was convinced that my dad wanted to connect and took along his photo. On the night I was totally amazed. In an hour and fifteen minutes every thing you said about my dad was spot on and extremely detailed. I was also taken aback more than once when you described situations in my childhood that only he and I knew about.It really was an amazing experience for me. I hadnt felt my fathers presence since he died 18 years ago when I was still young. It was overwhelming to feel so connected to him again. It has also helped me to reframe my relationship with my father in some ways and connect with him man to manI just want to say thanks a million.

Paul (Kilkenny)

I attended a night in The Killashee Hotel Naas, I was so taken back as to what Tom could tell people, I didn’t have a reading that night myself but did have a one to one the next day, it was so comforting to all of the people who heard about their loved one’s from babies through to adults, it was very emotional, as said previously I had a private reading with Tom, he used photos of 2 people I wished to connect with and true to his word he told me all I wanted to hear, right down to names and things that meant a lot to myself and one particular person that had passed, I would recommend attending a night as it is a wonderful and comforting experience. – Angeline (Naas)


I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for meeting with us on Thursday to give us a reading. I found it extremely helpful as I now know my George is safe and well. This was an unbelievable experience that I will never forget. Tom, thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart. I will be in contact again. – Lu (Cork)


hi my name joan.i just would like to say a big thank you to tom.i had a reading with tom i can really say i was so happy with what tom had to tell me. He gave me confort and put my mind at rest after years of questionen myself my heart was broke for years and thanks to tom i can now start living again. The peolpe that came through was the main 2 people i really need to come through and Tom did that for me . I left Tom feeling so happy i can never thank him enough and i am so glade i had this reading any one wants a reading Tom is your man.thanks again Tom  – Joan (Dublin)


Hi Tom, just wanted to than you for today, it was an incredible experience – Helen (Kildare)


I have always believed to some extent that there is life after death. I had been to a few different medium shows in the past where I have witnessed the joy people have got from hearing from their loved ones. I never had the urge to explore it further until my father passed away a few months back. I had heard good reviews from someone who had a brilliant reading with Tom and decided to seek out a reading of my own. Myself and my sister met with Tom recently.  On the day of the reading I was both exciting and nervous. From the moment I met Tom I was completely relaxed. I had brought a photo of my Dad with me and also his watch to the reading. In what seemed like seconds Tom had made a connection with my Dad and proceeded to explain exactly how my Dad passed away. I cant describe the feeling and happiness it gave us, to hear it confirmed on how quick and easy his passing had been. He was able to tell us his grandmother was there to help him pass over. He gave us so much detail on my Fathers life and about my family in general that there is just too much to go into (lots of private things that no one would know besides us) but we were bursting with excitement to tell the rest of the family when we came home. Just to explain one thing in particular. He told us that our Dad was saying that his chair in the sittingroom had been moved to which we replied NO. He then went on to explain that it faced a window and now it was moved. Again we replied No but we agreed it faced the window. When we arrived home I asked my Mom was there anything different about his chair. She told me that the recliner had broke in the other arm chair and she had swapped the chairs around because of this. We couldnt believe it. Just goes to show Dad is watching over us and still knows more than us!  I would recommend a private reading to anybody who has lost a loved one. I believe it is never too soon because it brings you a feeling of peace and a warmth in your heart to hear your loved ones are safe and who they are with. Just be prepared that you can ask your loved ones questions. I wasnt aware of this and of course had many questions in my mind afterwards. We finished up the reading with Tom passing our Fathers energy onto us. It was a fantastic feeling to feel the warmth in my chest as I was getting a hug from my Dad. I will cherish it forever. Finally I cannot say enough about Tom. He is such a genuine, caring person. I felt like I could have stayed forever talking to him and just being in his presence. Thanks for giving us a sense of peace and happiness. Joanne (Co Kerry)

Meditation Going Home – The Reunion

I’m sure it’s a different experience for everybody and you’re getting all sorts of feedback from people but here’s mine;

1) The accompanying music is really beautiful and fits the meditation perfectly.

2) Your voice is very soothing/relaxing.

3) It’s probably one of the, if not THE most visual meditations I’ve ever done.

4) When I came to the part where I met my loved one I just completely broke down.  It wasn’t a case of imagining I was there – I WAS THERE.  No question about it.  I felt so emotional I was crying (actually sobbing) for the best part of ten minutes.  I was quite taken aback by this and it’s never happened to me before during a meditation, but I obviously needed to release and I feel a lot better now for having done so.  I didn’t want to leave and kinda had to drag myself back into the lift afterwards!

5) The only difficulty if you want to call it that was that I just couldn’t ascertain what the gift was.  Still don’t know but it may come to me the next time.  My mind was just blank as to what was inside the present.

Anyway Tom, I just wanted to give you a bit of feedback.  I really liked it.  With some meditations I’ve done there is nearly too much talking and I just can’t ,but yours was very simple and I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the unexpected emotional response!  Congratulations on the meditation!  – Karen