Spirit Communication is part of Tom’s religious belief.

Private Sittings

1 to 1 sittings

This spirit communication is done one to one and in private.  This gives more time and allows the medium can go into greater depth, if necessary, giving more personal information from the spirit world.  All information received is confidential, and anyway much of what I say is soon forgotten by me after a sitting has ended.

Please Note: When phoning or emailing for a sitting please do not divulge any personal information which may influence your sitting.

Group sittings

Same as 1 to 1 sittings but in a small group of no more than 8 people
For booking please email

Guidlines to keep in mind when having a reading done

Contrary to popular belief, mediums are not machines that can be randomly turned on and off. Many subtle factors are involved in the channeling of information. Sometimes, everything falls very nicely into place and a strong communicative link is established. At other times, this may not be the case. The failure to establish or maintain a strong link with spirit may have nothing to do with either the medium or the sitter; so, we must never judge any sensitive’s work based upon one sitting.

Understand why it is that the spirit loved-ones wish to communicate through a medium. Is it to tell us about career, romance, and finances? No. That is not their job. Spirit comes, first, to let us know that they are OK and that there is life after death; then, to guide and inspire us. Spirit does not come to live our lives or to make decisions that we should be making.

Keep an open mind. Try not to limit your thoughts to one or two people, your message could be from pretty well anyone you have known, or even people who passed over before you were born. Be honest with the medium, if you can’t understand a part of your message, say so, and the medium will try to clarify it for you. Be honest with yourself, don’t say ‘No’ just to be awkward, and don’t say ‘Yes’ just to be helpful. As far as you can, have hopeful, positive and friendly thoughts toward the medium and those spirit people who do come to communicate to you.  It cannot be guaranteed that the person that you wish to communicate will come through, it is up to spirit as to who comes through for the reading

Mediumship Development Circles

Tom  facilitates a development circle in the Spiritualist Union of Ireland on a wednesday evening from 7.30pm to 10.00pm. During these circles we do meditation, and work with spirit to develop our mediumship and communication. For information please email or visit the union website on

The participant certifies that he/she is not aware of any medical or psychiatric condition which might affect his/her interpretation of the workshop and that he/she is voluntarily seeking these services for him herself and assumes full responsibility for the outcome.