Government to introduce new Phantom tax

The Minister for the Environment and Minister for Finance have announced today that it will be introducing a tax on people who have passed over to the spirit world.  They have been in talks with Ireland’s Medium Tom Colton who has consulted on the operation of the system.  Tom and a team of mediums will work to get the system operational.  This has been hailed by the government as a way to reduce the national deficit and they have decided to back date the new tax known as PAYG (Pay as you Go).  The new tax will be levied at a rate of €250 and it will be backdated to 2008.  The reason the government have decided to introduce this tax is because of the increased paranormal activity in the country and also because it has been seen as a dead easy way to collect much needed funds for the exchequer.  Tom has already begun to contact the spirit world and put together a register of those who has received messages from and this register will be used to levy the relatives of those who are living in Ireland.  The scheme has been simplified from the one that was to be introduced which worked on a upwardly scale depending on the number of relatives people have in spirit world.  It is expected that the introduction of the PAYG system will be completed within the next 2 weeks.

The delay in the implementation of the system is due to the go slow at the passport office as those who pass over to spirit world from today will need to have an up to date passport in order to travel to the spirit world and there are a number of back logs in the transient division, leaving many of the spirits homeless and taking refuge in houses around the country.  Tom recently attended one such house in Finglas where he helped one individual cross over to the spirit world.  The tax will be collected once the passport is issued, to ensure there are no loop holes in the system.  The people who have crossed since 2008 will be contacted by Tom and given an exemption for the new passport requirements but the tax will still be levied.  The government have decided that this will be a once of tax so as not to over burden the tax payer but sees it as a fair means of assessment.  A press conference was held earlier today where many of those spirits affected by the backdating of the tax protested showing banners and shouting “Hail no we won’t go” as the Ministers arrived for the press conference.  Further details of the system can be found on later today once the final scheme rules have been implemented.

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