It reminded me of all Microsoft has gone through to reach this

Like Microsoft, the entire building is in the midst of a reclamation project, one that will transform a huge swath of it into a commuter rail station. It reminded me of all Microsoft has gone through to reach this point and how much further it has to go in its own renovation project..

Laroia told me the camera will also generate a lower resolution image for sharing online. I have to admit, the sample image taken by the L16 looked pretty good with lots of details when zoomed in, but it also looked like it had a lot of image noise.

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Neither the president nor his Democratic foes have the guts to admit what every economist knows that a middle class tax cut will have negligible effect on the recession and a detrimental effect on the crusade for fiscal discipline. Instead, Mr. But what does a self proclaimed former BlackBerry die hard turned iPhone user think about the KEYone? Mashable Publishing Coordinator Shishira Sreenivas stops by to share her thoughts. Is the phone compelling enough to make her switch back? You’ll have to listen to find out..

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About 58 percent of Americans say their taxes are too high, actually down from last year and 1994, according to a recent Gallup Poll. More than half of Americans surveyed say their income tax burden is fair.. I think he hit me on purpose. He threw a first pitch slider.

Moawad said his organization served 250 players, including two player run minicamps and the league’s rookie symposium. IMG, he said, offered reduced rates and anticipated an average of 40 to 50 players per week. He leads the league in scoring at 22.6 points per game. But despite his dominance on the AAU and high school level, Williams remains an underrated prospect..

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The freshman delegate did not explain his sudden hesitation, saying in one statement that he had needed to “pray” about it. On Friday, he released another statement saying he would support the measure both in committee and on the floor, but he added the caveat that he thought voters should ultimately weigh in.

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