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Monday, October 21st, 2013

Why Im Not Cheering Dylan Roofs Death Sentence

Dylann Roof AP I was sitting Canada Goose Outlet at my desk when I saw the headline flash across the computer screen: Verdict in Charleston Church Case. Canada Goose Coats On Sale A rush of heat ran through my body as I didnt know what to expect. A White man in South Carolina shooting and killing nine Black members of the church should be an open and shut case. However, we know Black death at the hands of our oppressors doesnt always end in a guilty verdict.After a few minutes, I clicked the link to see that Dylann Roof had been sentenced to death by a federal jury. A moment of relief came over me, canada goose coats followed by a fight with my conscience. For as much as I hate Roof, I cannot Canada Goose Jackets agree with the state having the power to execute people, especially when this same system disproportionately condemns Black and Brown bodies to death at much higher raters than their White counterparts.Let me be clear when I say that at jacketstock times I wanted to see Roof dead, but I know that keeping the institution that controls his death in place has more severe implications for those who share my melanin. So instead of state-sanctioned death, I want Roof to be placed under the jail. I want him to be placed in a room with himself, by himself, where he can only stare at four cement walls with no windows and the buy canada goose jacket cheap bare minimum of food needed to sustain hismiserable life. However, I want him to have a MISERABLE. FULL. ENTIRE. LIFE.The power of whether a person lives or dies to be controlled by the state is far more dangerous than Roof could ever be, and his execution would serve no purpose in changing a system of oppression that affects the most marginalized