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Ireland’s First Spiritual Wedding

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

On August 21st 2010 Ireland’s first spiritual wedding will take place.  In March of this year the General Registrars office granted me a licence to marry people as an officiant of the Spiritualist Union of Ireland.

A spiritual wedding differs from a traditional wedding in that it is a non denominational service.  As part of the service we invoke spirit and ask loved ones who have passed to spirit world.  this is an integral part of the ceremony.  The beauty about a spiritual service is that the couple can completely tailor the full service to what they want, there is no pre-scripted pieces other than those that are legally required by the legislation for a marriage, and those pieces are what I call the ” I do” piece and the declaration of no lawful impediments for both parties to marry.

I am looking forward to this the first spiritual wedding, the couple Ann and Michael are a lovely couple and I am honoured to be asked to officiate at their wedding ceremony.